Formatting Preferences

R e t u r n   t o   t h e   L o u n g e ™

N O W   T H I S   N A V I G A T I O N   B A R   I S   T R U L Y   F A N C Y   !

Here is a table for my personal preferences regarding formatting and other miscellanous things.
My nationality is American, although in many ways I am more comfortable with Armenian or even Canadian conventions.
Please don't scorch me for being inconsistent. I just can't help it!

Date 27 Sep 1993
Time 21:08:44
First Day of the Week Monday
Calendar Gregorian
Numbers 1 234 567,89
Currency $1 234,56
Temperature Fahrenheit
Weight Imperial
Liquid Volume Metric
Length/Distance Imperial
Spelling/Pronunciation (eng) Canadian
Spelling/Pronunciation (hy) Eastern
Serif Font Times
Computer Modern
Sans Serif Font Helvetica Nueue
Equal Width Font Menlo Regular