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N O W   T H I S   N A V I G A T I O N   B A R   I S   T R U L Y   F A N C Y   !

One of my favorite passtimes is typing!
I use a multitude of different websites, all of which are listed below.
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My Journey to Conquer the Pashto Typing Speed World Record

On 10fastfingers, I am currently embarking on a bit of an adventure:
Right now, on 10fastfingers, the lowest speed record for any language is currently Pashto.
Click >>here<< to see the world record list for each language.

Now, you may be wondering, what's so special about Pashto?
Well, the current world record was not only set way back in 2012,
but was set by a guy who just popped on the site for a short while and just never came back!
So, I have finally took it upon myself to learn Pashto... at least enough of it to be able to type 60 WPM!

Click >>here<< to be transported to my weekly progress update hub!






armenwould's typing test WPM

Here is an embedded typing test, let's see how fast you can go!