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Welcome to my Pashto Typing World Record Progress Page!

I will provide weekly updates (every Friday) to document my experience
trying to break the new world record for Pashto on 10fastfingers.

My typing profile. Click on the above the graph to see my latest scores!

[All I need to beat the record is to achieve 60 WPM.]





Update #30 (27 Apr 2020) — AVG SPEED: 46 WPM

Alright, we are back on track! After two months in the doldrums, I have finally made more progress.
Now that school is over, I now have no good excuse to not press on! I have a new record of 53 WPM. Only 7 away!

(  2    M O N T H    H I A T U S  )

Update #29 (28 Feb 2020) — AVG SPEED: 45 WPM

[no progress made]
Well, this is unfortunate. I do finish school in April, so after that point I will be making much more meaningful strides in my efforts.
Unfortunately, for the time being, this may be a period in the doldrums...

Update #28 (21 Feb 2020) — AVG SPEED: 45 WPM

[no progress made]

Update #27 (14 Feb 2020) — AVG SPEED: 45 WPM

[no progress made]

Update #26 (7 Feb 2020) — AVG SPEED: 45 WPM

[no progress made]

Update #25 (31 Jan 2020) — AVG SPEED: 45 WPM

Unfortunately I got almost no practice in this week. Spent over 4 hours on a calculus 3 miderm. Sheesh!

Update #24 (24 Jan 2020) — AVG SPEED: 45 WPM

Just trying to keep it going! I got about an hour and a half of practice this week.

Update #23 (17 Jan 2020) — AVG SPEED: 44 WPM

I got about 2 hours of practice in this week. I'm noticing that I have significantly increased my speed on a decent amount of words, and I feel more natrual in typing in Pashto as a result.

Update #22 (10 Jan 2020) — AVG SPEED: 42 WPM

We are definitely making progress here. I am really excited that I broke 50 WPM this week! Only 10 WPM away now! The last major checkpoint has been passed!


Update #21 (3 Jan 2020) — AVG SPEED: 42 WPM

Alriiiiight, we are officially back on the upward incline! Happy new years everyone.

Update #20 (27 Dec 2019) — AVG SPEED: 41 WPM

I've been putting in quite a bit of practice this week, but unfortunately, almost all of it was just catch-up for the time that I missed! I do feel, at least, that I am about ready to increase my average.
Also, I just realised that this will be the last update of the decade. What a trip! Here's to the '20s!

Update #19 (20 Dec 2019) — AVG SPEED: 41 WPM

The bottleneck period of finals has ended, so now I can really begin to get back on the Pashto horse. Let's see how far I can get over break!

Update #18 (13 Dec 2019) — AVG SPEED: 41 WPM

Unfortunately finals are still in full swing, so not much progress this week!

Update #17 (6 Dec 2019) — AVG SPEED: 41 WPM

Finals' week is on the horizon. It sufficeth me to say that I am getting thoroughly clapped. I barely had time to practice this week!

Update #16 (29 Nov 2019) — AVG SPEED: 41 WPM

I don't really have much to say that's new for this week. Still trudging through!

Update #15 (22 Nov 2019) — AVG SPEED: 39 WPM

Just another usual week! Got a little bit more practice than usual, so that's great! This week I was able to achieve 45 WPM, so I'm 75% the way there!

Update #14 (15 Nov 2019) — AVG SPEED: 37 WPM

I feel good about the practice I got in, considering I increased my average by 2 WPM this week! Now, there seems to be a bit of a threat to my journey...
A typist whom I respect for his versatility in multilingual typing as recently appeared on the Pashto daily top-typist list.
Usually it is me alone who inhabits this chart, since so few people actually type in Pashto.
But, to my shock, he has considerably improved his Pashto since I last visited his profile. In fact, as of writing his current high is 49 WPM -- 6 WPM above my current personal record!
If you're reading this, ZeYaD22, best of luck to your training and may the best man win. (Me.)

Update #13 (8 Nov 2019) — AVG SPEED: 35 WPM

This week: got about 1,5 hours of practice in. It's definitely taking its time!


Update #12 (1 Nov 2019) — AVG SPEED: 34 WPM

This week, got about an hour of practice in. At least I got +1 WPM average!

Update #11 (25 Oct 2019) — AVG SPEED: 33 WPM

This week I was very busy, and I only got about 30 minutes of practice in. I had a midterm today in my Math 290 class. It's a dense course, but very fulfilling.

Update #10 (18 Oct 2019) — AVG SPEED: 33 WPM

This week was fairly average. I haven't much to say about it, other than I had a total practice time this week of about 2,5 hours.

Update #9 (11 Oct 2019) — AVG SPEED: 30 WPM

This week was crazy (had two midterms)! Nonetheless I was able to practice about a total of 2 hours this week.
I have finally achieved a milestone (today, in fact!): and average speed of 30 WPM!
Now, for those of you who aren't aware, 10fastfingers measures your average by taking the last 50 tests you've taken into account!
Now that's quite a lot! Anyways, I am feeling quite well on my progress.

Update #8 (4 Oct 2019) — AVG SPEED: 27 WPM

This week I maintained about an average of 30 minutes of practice a day. I felt pretty good about my progress.
I suddenly got a super high spike out of nowhere, from ~26 WPM to 35WPM! I was shocked, and I was finally able to reach the third line of words.


Update #7 (27 Sep 2019) — AVG SPEED: 25 WPM

This past week I definitely changed around my routine a bit, and without going into excruciating detail, I am now able to type a bit more and a bit more regularly.
It's nice to see that I'm so close to being half way there: this week I reached a new record of 29 WPM! Just one more and I'll be half way to 60.
This week I also noticed a profile on my visitor's page. Turns out this guy is also doing Pashto! Here is their profile.
There was also another guy, but the account has since been deleted.
This really motivated me to step up my game and buckle down on my traning. Hopefully they won't be trying to break 60 any time soon.

Update #6 (20 Sep 2019) — AVG SPEED: 21 WPM

I decided this week to really buckle down and make my Pashto training a priority. I am finally over 20 WPM average! (It probably would be higher if I decided to log in for half the time >:T)
The train is still very much in motion, now I am primarily focusing on Pashto, with a little English to keep my native language's speed up. I continue the slow and steady ascent to the top!

Update #5 (13 Sep 2019) — AVG SPEED: 20 WPM

Wow, this week went by really fast. I just realised today that it was Friday! This week I clocked in probably 1,5 hours total.
I really have to buckle down and do my work so I can make more time each day for typing, specifically for Pashto.
I still do the minimum 15min/day or so for English, since that is my primary language for school and whatnot. My average is still 20, but, hey, at least it isn't 19!

Update #4 (6 Sep 2019) — AVG SPEED: 20 WPM

I think I got about 20-30 minutes a day on average this week. The workload has increased to a level that I think at this point will be maintained through to the end of the term.
I don't think I can realistically do any more than 20-30 minutes a day for a while but we'll see how that goes. I have not once opened the keyboard viewer, so now I think I am fully in plataeuauaeaeux zone.
(I hate French loan words sometimes.)

Update #3 (30 Aug 2019) — AVG SPEED: 18 WPM

Week 3, feeling pretty decent about my progress. I just settled into my dorm room and I think most of the hectic stuff is already done with.
I haven't had as much time as I would have liked to practice; on Friday I didn't even have a chance to type!
I think that I've exhausted my initial rapid growth in speed and am now beginning the slow yet steady incline by routine practice.
I anticipate to do about 30 minutes of typing practice a day. This past week I did about that much on average a day.
(Oh, and I am now doing every test completely blind, without the aid of the on-screen keyboard)

Update #2 (24 Aug 2019) — AVG SPEED: 14 WPM

Here we are, the first week of my Pashto training completed! I would say that I did an average of about 1,5 hours a day this past week.
Honestly I was pretty surprised that I was able to advance this far. I did notice that there seemed to be a bit of acceleration after day three.
I had a rough idea of what each letter looked like and how it behaved relative to its position in a given word and where it was on the keyboard.
Pictured below is what my setup looked like for most of the week. Yesterday and today, though, I was familiar enough with the layout to actually do several tests blind.
So far I feel pretty excited about my progress. I wonder exactly how much my speed will increase after I start university in a week and a half or so.

Update #1 (16 Aug 2019) — AVG SPEED: 1 WPM

So, I have finally decided to try and tackle the Pasho world record. I think it's about time that a new person sets the stage for future Pashto typists.
I'm already somewhat doing that with Macedonian, but maybe this can be more (easily?) achieved. But that's partially why I decided to start this update page.
In any case, enjoy! I hope you find what I'm doing interesting--

So what I've done is go to the big city library and picked up a basic Pashto textbook, pictured below, and used that to scan the letters and see which ones correspond to which letter on the on-screen keyboard.
The toughness that lies in Pashto is the sheer number of letters -- 44! And each look completely different based on whether it's isolated, or in the other three positions in a word (initial, medial, and final).
I must admit that I'm a bit lazy, so I want to see how far I can go without having to learn all the sounds and spelling conventions and so forth.
I have found so far in my Macedonian training that being able to read the Cyrillic alphabet more fluently (I already knew it, but reading speeds were always slow), the faster I could process and reproduce words.