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Welcome to my Top Sites page!

A collection of several different websites that I think are interesting.

Gold links are given to websites of exquisite quality.
Links of other hues denote sites with excellent design. The hues used reflect the themes of the respective sites.

As of 31 December 2019, I have trekked through all the pages of neocities sites. All 64 of them. (Each page has 100 links.)
The top picks section is a list of all neocities sites I have encountered on my journey and that were interesting or cool enough to link.
That being said, enjoy my curated collection!

If you want to be featured on here, please contact me at []

But first, here are some other sites that I've made!

Mathematics Proving 1+1=2   Cool Math Graphs   Tessellations in Paper   Eigenstuff Store      
Linguistics English Teacher in Georgia   Qlaŋga Conlang   Verb Conjugation On-line   Omniglot   Malij Conlang   Cornish   Cyberpunk jargon  
Neocities Top Picks Anime Free America   Galaxias Kyklos   Bullying is Bad   4museum (4chan archive)   Phillno   Krabby Pattiez   host-ss alt search   THANOS CAR   Kevin's Providence Playground   Exephile   Anodyne Institute   ASCII Art   ASCII Man   Bullwinkle's Corner   Gladion   Blue Sphere Generator   QuIrKy BuTtOnS   TestWorld   Pagan-Traditional-Reconstructo-Whatever   EarthSpaceWeather   THE CONE ZONE   Salamanders Young Burn Survivors   Family Trees   GIFs Galore   Nicolas Ambrose   Ducky Ducklett   The Archivist   John's Patch Collection   Ayodhya   Into the Purple Abyss   History of Saltash, Cornwall   Windows 95 Emulator   Micah's Crusty Domain   wac   Bill's World   West Virginian Football   blblblbl   False Memories   baz's PC   The Perfect Site   Trash Paradise   Devils   Virufac   V A P O R E S O U R C E S   The Broken Set Online   Wonders of the Solar System   MadVille   Siddikinz-Zone   Big Gulp Supreme   Planet Sarah   Kryptonaut  
Music American Roots Music   Catalina Jazz Club   Stereotrash   Wavetable Resources   Corporate Astrology  
Misc. Internet Stuff Any Browser Campaign   EsoLang Chatlog   Hacker's Jargon   Meaning In Media   Spyware Watchdog   Dig Deeper   Enlightenment   Cameron's World   Christian Family Site  
Lurking University Pages Bertrand Russell is the Pope   James Jones, Math Prof.   Exploring Geography   Martin Flashman, Math Prof.        
Science, Chemistry, Space Images of Mars   History of Kevlar  Building Circuits (fr)      
Weird Friccin Sites A Maze In   Time Cube  Eschaton  Cracky-chan Tribute Page  Zegord   Just read the bottom of "Facts" and you'll see   Anodyne Institute   Youth Secrets   Sketchy Links   Oblivion   Osama Bend Over (Flash Game)
Files IsoCubeSim   Horror Gifs        
Art Infradead 3D Model  
LiveInternet Профили
Разнообразный 100 Чудес Света   web 1.0 reload   Полит-IT   Языки   Фидонет   Алтайский край